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DENOY DEBOER / January 5, 2016
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LIFE: Traveling and Camping in Style with this Home-Built Mini-van Camper #vanlife

The minivan... An awesome invention that can cary 6-8 people comfortably, haul groceries and other cargo, handles similarly to a car and gets pretty decent mileage. In the hands of a tinkerer who loves to design and build things, the family minivan can transform into quite an amazing camper.

Meet Alex K., an incredible YouTuber, who recently posted his self-bult mini-van camper for sale. Starting with a Chrysler Town and Country LXi, Alex added all the amenities one would expect to find in a high-end camper, including: a microwave, running water/sink, stove, carbon monoxide detector, 120-volt power outlets, solar panel to maintain the battery, shower, power hookups for campsites, dining/sleeping/sitting area and more. Check out the
video of this camper!

As of this writing, Alex has sold his minivan camper to fund his project of converting a full-sized van into a camper. If this mini-van camper is any indication of Alex's ingenuity and skills in performing a conversion, the full-sized van should also turn out quite incredible.

Kudos to you, Alex! Well done!

Editor's Note: You can learn more about Alex and his conversions on his YouTube Channel:
Alex K. on YouTube

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