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DENOY DEBOER / January 10, 2016
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FUN: Re-living the Adventures of My Youth - Play Atari 2600 Adventure Online #EasterEgg

As 2015 was drawing to a close, I began to get nostalgic and started to think of the wonder years of my youth. I thought of how far video games have come and of all my unfinished projects. One of the projects I had always thought of doing was a game similar to the grand daddy of all graphical adventure games...Atari 2600 Adventure.

I must have spent well over 500 hours playing Adventure on the Atari 2600. Considering the limitations of the
Atari 2600, Adventure was an impressive masterpiece for this gaming system.

Adventure for the Atari 2600 was and still IS, one of the best adventure/rpg games ever created. I started playing Adventure on the Atari 2600 in 1980 when I was 14 years old. I remember working hard on my paper route to save up enough money to buy the game. It was the first cartridge I bought for the 2600, which, if I remember correctly, at the time came only with the Combat cartridge. Adventure had a great impact on me. It is one of the games that motivated me to become a game programmer and pushed my love for developing video games...especially adventure/rpg type games.

Although the game was extremely challenging and fun, what made it even more remarkable was the Easter Egg that Warren Robinett, the game's programmer, had hidden inside. Adventure was the first game to feature an Easter Egg...a secret within the game that only those who knew of it's existence and how to activate it could find. Warren Robinett became my hero. :) You can thank Mr. Robinett for any Easter Eggs that you may find in the games (or web pages) that I have created as well as those of other programmers.

On December 29, 2015, I decided to look up Mr. Robinett and write him to see if he has ever considered writing a follow up to the game and if he might be interested in collaborating on a "Further Adventures" game. I also requested a copy of his e-book, "The Annotated Adventure" when it becomes available.

To my surprise, I actually received a response from Mr. Robinett! My childhood hero actually wrote me back!!! :) Mr. Robinett responded saying he HAS thought about doing a sequel to Adventure (Something I HIGHLY anticipate!) but that he would probably want to do it himself. I can certainly understand Mr. Robinett wanting to do the sequel himself, as Adventure is, afterall, his baby and something he holds very dear to his heart. Just hearing back from him was a very big thrill for me, and even as I write this and look back at the "Created by Warren Robinett" image in this article, I am once again transported back in time to my youth...and excited that I FINALLY got to tell my childhood hero how awesome he is and how much I enjoyed his game.

The dreams of at least one teenage kid has finally been realized...35 years later. :) Thank-you Mr. Robinett, for so many fun adventures!

Editor's Note: Check out Mr. Robinett's website here:

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